Nonprofit dedicated to improving communities | Lincoln, Nebraska

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MRP logos in color and black-and-white
Two-tone and one-color versions of the MRP logo
MRP logo embroidered on a cap
The new MRP logo is versatile enough for a large variety of applications

MRP, a local non-profit since 2004, was ready to update their old WordPress site. They not only needed a site that was easy to update, they also wanted to highlight the ways they create positive community change in Lincoln and abroad. We kept their brand colors and fonts consistent, but created a whole new feel for their site to embody their values. The new site appeals to a wider age range and is consistent with their themes of positive momentum, kindness, and just plain fun!

An emphasis was placed on the MRP store and their products, Dirt Nap and Baldorf, which also help to support the non-profit and the communities they serve. The new site was also built in WordPress, and makes the process of updating events, news, and even recipes much easier for the client.

MRP’s logo was also revamped to be more versatile on everything from food labels to clothing. Other design work for MRP included banners and product labels to help build brand cohesion across all media.